Tree Service Gaithersburg, MD

For almost 40 years, Appalachian Tree Service has served the Gaithersburg MD area by providing quality tree services. From tree pruning and trimming, to stump removal, to cabling and tree-strengthening procedures, our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring tree safety and stability, as well as customer satisfaction. Our goal is to partner with you in maintaining the health and beauty of your greenery. If you need expert tree services in the Gaithersburg MD area, call Appalachian Tree Service today to request an appointment!

Tree Trimming & Removal

Our team offers pruning and trimming services to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we make sure to achieve the best results for your trees, which includes reducing potential hazards and keeping up general maintenance.

Even with the best of efforts, we also know that sometimes it's necessary to remove a tree from your property. This can happen for numerous reasons – such as keeping your property safe, maintaining the structural integrity of the area, or protecting the health of other surrounding trees. If we find that removal is necessary, we make sure to minimize waste, and adhere to all safety precautions during removal.

Landscape Maintenance

Don't have any trees that need servicing? Appalachian Tree Service also provides landscaping and lawn care! Our exceptional landscaping services include things like mowing and edging, mulching, fertilization, aeration, landscape installation, and much more. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and have extensive knowledge of plants, trees, and lawn products - so even if you aren't sure what services you want or need, we can make recommendations tailored to you!

Whatever your landscaping or tree service needs may be, make sure to call Appalachian Tree Service in Gaithersburg MD today to request an appointment today!